Prioritizing Prioritization for Product Designers

O-Object Guide. R-My Cat Saving Fire Department. C-OO User Stories. A-Details, details, details.
The 15-step ORCA Process consists of four iterative rounds of converting research into a clear, scoped, structure of your digital product. Those four rounds are Discovery, Requirements, Prioritization, and Representation. Each round hits on the four pillars: objects, relationships, calls-to-action, and attributes. Hence, ORCA.
Object map by Sabrina Li.
A typical Object Map before Prioritization, by OOUXer Sabrina Li.
Object map prioritized, by Sabrina Li.
Sabrina’s Object Map, after Prioritization. Don’t worry — there’s no destructive editing happening here. OOUXers simply filter out deprioritized objects and attributes so that we can expose (and focus on) the foundational system.
ORCA — discovery, prioritization, requirements, sketching, prototyping, testing.
You might switch your Prioritization and Requirements Rounds. No harm, no foul.
ORCA — discovery, prioritization, requirements, prioritization, sketching, prototyping, testing.
Or you might add a quick Prioritization round after Discovery, then come back and revisit Prioritization in more depth after the Requirements Round.



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Sophia V Prater

Sophia V Prater


UX designer, UX coach, and chief evangelist for Object-Oriented UX